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Openings in Steel

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Amarr offers a total of 300+ residential garage door designs to fit your style and complement your home. Our residential garage doors are available in 3 different materials and 3 different constructions for increasing levels of energy efficiency.

Open up to a new way of thinking. The garage. It's more than a way in, or a way out. Inside it's a parking lot, a gym, a workshop. Outside, it's an extension of your home. A reflection of your personality, of your individuality. Whether you prefer steel, recycled wood composite, wood, or ornamental iron designs, it's time to rethink what a garage door is, or can be.

  • 8 Carriage House Panel Designs
  • 11 Top Section Design Options
  • Unique 3-Section Door
  • Stamped-Steel Designs
  • Material: Steel


Gal ban classica-1

Looks can be deceiving. From a distance, you see wood. Up close, it’s sturdy, durable, low-maintenance steel. Authentic carriage house looks and modern functionality. Available in: 86 Designs.

Gal classica

Valencia with Closed Square (V2 Painted)

Gal classica_02

Tuscany with Nile Windows (T6)

Gal classica-03

Lucern with Madeira Windows (L5)

Gal classica-04

Santiago with Closed Arch (S1 Painted)

Gal classica-05

Tuscany with Rhine Windows (T7)

Gal classica-07

Lucern with Closed Arch (L1 Painted)

Gal classica-08

Tuscany with Danube Windows (T4)

Gal classica-09

Santiago with Seine Windows (S8)

Gal classica-11

Northampton with Closed Arch (N1 Medium Woodgrain)

Gal classica-12

Lucern with Closed Arch (L1 Dark Woodgrain)

Gal classica-13

Northampton with Closed Square (N2 Dark Woodgrain)

Gal classica-14

Tuscany with Closed Square (T2 Dark Woodgrain)